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Poodles are an extremely smart breed; in fact they are the second most intelligent after the Border Collie. Known for their regal air and grace, they also display a very playful side and are much less aloof than people may assume.

This breed becomes very attached to their masters and much prefers the company of humans over other Poodles. They need plenty of attention and will become bored and very lonesome without their beloved owner.

With regular exercise, stimulation and good training, a Poodle will make a very rewarding pet. They will usually exhibit very good manners and will mostly have a very calm nature – once they have burned off all of their excess energy and are kept occupied.

Some owners believe that they even have a human-like level of astuteness. They act as an excellent guard dog, giving out a cautionary bark to its owners if they feel their property is threatened by strangers.


Their intellect and eagerness make Poodles a highly trainable dog. They will not find training to be a chore and will be more than happy to learn new tricks and skills.

Due to a Poodle’s keen intellect and slightly mischievous nature, firm but kind obedience training is a must to keep them out of trouble. Poodles are very smart when it comes to perceiving vocal inflections and will not react well to an overly harsh tone.

Poodles will need to learn who the ‘pack-leader’ is within the family dynamic. Without proper discipline, Poodles – especially the Miniature and Toy varieties – will happily assume the role of top dog, leading to poor manners, non-compliance and destructiveness.

Well-trained Poodles do very well in conformity trials, agility and flyball.